Ordering our virtual organs

Thank you very much for your interest in our virtual organs! Our order processing system is currently modernized.

However, we are happy to process your order manually!

      Simply send an email to contact@prospectum.com

      Please tell us which organ(s) you want to order

      Please select a payment method: Bank transfer (IBAN/BIC) or PayPal

      We will then process your order manually

Thank you very much!

Here is a list of the sample sets that are currently available: Attention: Discounts until the end of 2019!!!

Product Format Net Minimum Donation €*
St. Peter & Paul Weissenau, J. N. Holzhey, 1787, premium HW4 249.00 299.00
St. Peter & Paul Weissenau, J. N. Holzhey, 1787, standard HW4 199.00 239.00
Stadtkirche Zöblitz, G. Silbermann, 1742, premium HW4 99.00 119.00
Stadtkirche Zöblitz, G. Silbermann, 1742, standard HW4 69.00 83.00
Magnuskerk Anloo, Radeker & Garrels, 1719 HW3 69.00
St. Johannes Weinsberg, 1989 HW3 on demand
St. Maria Nordheim, Tzschöckel, 1989 HW4 FREE

* In EU countries: + VAT according to your local rate (example: Germany: 19%)

How to get your free PROSPECTUM organs

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      Create your personal license (very easy - one click only)

      Click on the 'Downloads' button for download links

      Download, install, have fun :-)